Mrs. LaRue Miller, Living Legend

On August 24, 2010, it was my pleasure to host a meeting with Mrs. LaRue Miller, longtime teacher in Midlothian ISD. Mrs. Miller is the youngest of six children. Asked if being the youngest if she was spoiled, she said, “No, I just got everything I wanted.”

Mrs. Miller graduated from high school in 1945 and Paul Quinn College in 1949. She began teaching in 1949 with third and fourth graders (grades were combined) at Booker T. Washington in Midlothian.  When schools were integrated Mrs. Miller taught at the new campus and taught under the princpalship of Mr. T. E. Baxter.

Mrs. Miller told stories of a time long ago, when on Saturday nights folks would come down from the country, hang out, and drink soda pop. That was in an age when Midlothian didn’t even have a stop sign.

In 1994, Mrs. Miller retired after 45 years of teaching. What keeps Mrs. Miller busy these days? More than a decade after retirement, Mrs. Miller still substitute teaches … at Miller Elementary, of course, and other MISD elementary schools, too.

In 2008, Mrs. Miller was informed by the district that its newest school would be named after her: LaRue Miller Elementary School. It’s a wonderful reminder of a gifted teacher and a great human being.

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