2010-11 Student Enrollment

Midlothian ISD is growing! The first Friday of last school year MISD had enrolled 7,296 students. On the first Friday of this school year (2010-11) enrollment was at 7,518 – an increase of 222 students for a 3% gain. Let’s look at each school for the same time comparison (first figure is enrollment, second is change in number of students (plus or minus)): Baxter 587 (+23), Irvin 343 (+47), Longbranch 693 (-21), Miller 608 (+10), Mt. Peak 581 (+27),                  Vitovsky 551 (-10), Walnut Grove Middle School 944 (+7), Frank Seale Middle School 855 (+51), and Midlothian HS 2,356 (+88).

Growth certainly presents its challenges, but it is nice to know that more and more families want their children to attend Midlothian’s schools.

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