Mrs. Kelly Madden, Principal Longbranch Elementary

This is one in a series of blogs highlighting Midlothian ISD’s school principals.

Q: Why did you become an educator?

A: I was inspired at a very young age to be a teacher. I recall vividly my kinder year and the desire I had to be like Mrs. Salmon. I caught a dream that year and the passion grew year after year.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a principal?

A: The best thing about my role as a principal is my partnership with students, teachers, families, and community. I am so very blessed to have a position that fills my cup! It is my privilege and joy to serve the children and those supporting their education.

Q: What’s really special about your school?

A: Longbranch Elementary has the heart and desire to support every learner in reaching for the highest branch. With the support of incredible staff and exceptional families, every child is challenged to meet their full potential in all areas. Longbranch Elementary excels in teamwork and partnerships in the interest of children.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you face this school year?

A: Our challenge continues to be growth. This is an exciting adventure, however growth brings change. It is important that we recognize and prepare for challenges that are before us. We must acknowledge and respond to the needs of our student population, staff, and facilities.

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