Someone Believed in Me

The 2009-10 school year marked the beginning of a special mentor program at Midlothian High School (MHS). It is a healthy example of faith-based adventures in public schooling. It is funded by the Baptist General Convention but has all the hallmarks of a secular program and a simple objective: helping kids who need help.

The hope was to recruit and train up to 15 mentors the first year. The goal was surpassed – 60 mentors came on board.

More important than the number of mentors are the lives of the high school students that were positively impacted. One high school student saw grades move from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. The student said, “I never dreamed I could be this type of a person.” When asked what made the difference, the response was, “Someone believed in me.”

And that represents the spiritual core of this mentoring program: “one soul touching another soul,” as its director, Mrs. Dena Petty has said.

And Mrs. Petty knows more about this program than the detailed plan she developed – a plan that meticulously guides the mentor through the mentoring process. She also knows the pain these kids feel … she knows it first hand … she felt it growing up.

Last year, Dena’s dream was to see this program developed, implemented, and reaching lost and hurting kids at MHS.

Now her dream has expanded. Dena wants to see a mentoring program in every high school in Texas. And why not? It’s as simple as one soul touching another. It’s as effective as a formerly lost and hurting student saying, “Someone believed in me.”

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