A Wonderful Play … An Unfortunate and Unnecessary Controversy

It is sad that the truth surrounding the play “A World of Champions” performed by second graders at Longbranch Elementary School (Midlothian ISD, Midlothian, TX) has been lost to partial and false information. Here are the facts.

Annually, Longbranch Elementary School second graders participate in a program that showcases their acting and musical talents. This year the program was in the form of a play that was performed on November 18, 2010. It was titled, “A World of Champions.” [Note: It is not a Thanksgiving program, but a program conducted near Thanksgiving.]

The purpose of the play was to send a message of “never give up, encourage others, and always do your best” to the world through a character named NED. The message of the play can be seen in its dialogue.

Student A: “We are at Longbranch Elementary School where all the students are trying to be champions in school and in life.”

[A few lines later]

Student B: “Can you guys tell the world what is going on here in Midlothian, TX, that started here at Longbranch Elementary and is spreading across the nation[?]”

Student C: Well, we have this cool dude, NED, at our school. He’s so awesome!!!”

[A line skipped]

Student D: “NED has helped us make the best out of every situation. NED is a guy that believes everyone can be a champion in school and in life if they live by these three simple rules:”

Student E: “Never Give up.”

Student F: “Encourage others.”

Student G: “And always do your best.”

Student A: “Well, it must be working because I hear Longbranch is full of champions and their future is looking quite successful. Thank you all for talking to us today.”

[A few lines later]

Student H: “Ladies and gentlemen, this just in! We have breaking news that NED wants to travel the world to find more champions.”

And the rest of the play is just that … traveling the world and observing and spreading the message of NED – never give up, encourage others, and always do your best.

What is the controversy?

One person emailed me that she had learned via a social network message that the play promoted one world government and that the flag of the United States of America was not present at the play.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – in the script of the play or in the intent of the author could in any fashion or form be seen as promoting one world government. The message was never give up, encourage others, and always do your best.

The Flag of the United States of America was present at the program. Evidence? Just go to MISD’s website … click on Campuses, click on Longbranch Elementary School, then you will see on the right of the page in Student Spotlight! two students at a table, NED in the middle of the two students, and off to their right is the Flag of the United States of America proudly and prominently displayed.

It is a wonderful play … it is an unfortunate and unnecessary controversy.

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