Thank You

Thank you. The 2011 bond passed and the Midlothian ISD School Board Trustees and I are grateful.

At its May 2011 Board Meeting, the Trustees of Midlothian ISD passed a resolution of appreciation. It reads, in part, “Whereas, many groups, businesses, and individuals contributed to the successful passage of the bond; Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Midlothian ISD School Board of Trustees thanks all the groups, businesses, and individuals who selflessly and tirelessly gave so much to the passage of the 2011 Midlothian ISD Bond.”

It is good that the citizens impacted by a bond issue get to decide its fate by their votes. The democratic process is the time-honored way to make this type of a decision.

After the vote comes the building process.

The responsibility to bring that voter decision – the building process – to reality rests with many people including MISD Trustees and the Superintendent. We take that responsibility seriously.

School Board Policy (BBF (LOCAL)) is titled, “Board Member Ethics.” One area of Trustee Ethics is “Trustworthiness In Stewardship.” One bullet point reads, “I will work to ensure prudent and accountable use of district resources.”

For the Superintendent, his duties are listed under (BJA (LOCAL)). It includes a section on District Management which speaks to his responsibilities in the management of the district’s facilities and finances.

Even though these responsibilities for the School Board Trustees and the Superintendent are in School Board Policy, the Trustees and I would do them anyway … because they are the right things to do.

On May 14, the 2011 bond issue passed, again, thank you.

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