A Better Way to Learn?

Recently, I received by mail an invitation to attend a Dallas-area information session for a Houston learning academy. The front of the flyer has a school-aged child holding a laptop computer with “A Better Way to Learn” on its screen. It advertises, “tuition-free online public school for grades 3 – 10. Personalized and accredited education, from the comfort of home.”

This schooling option seems to be a good fit for four children who are featured on the institution’s website. One fifth grader stated, “The thing about [this school] is it provides me high quality learning and best of all, the flexible schedule allows me to do what I am passionate about, Figure Skating.” Another fifth grade student said, “The best part is the field trips because you can meet up with the other kids and learn at the same time.” An eighth grader noted, “What I like most about [this school] is that it allows me to get a quality education and still center my schedule around my gymnastics training.” And last, a sixth grade student is quoted, “[This school] has taught me how to prioritize my days better to be able to accomplish all of my school work and hockey time, too.”

I absolutely believe in multiple educational options for parents and their children. Yet, no matter the alternate forms of schooling in Texas, it is preferable to think of win-win schooling scenarios where Texas’ K-12 public schools are fully appreciated and fully funded.

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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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