The National Anthem: Something Special Happened

On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Midlothian High School’s Varsity Volleyball team members stepped onto the home court, and lined up, just prior to their first game, for our National Anthem. The recording started and then unexpectedly stopped after a couple of seconds. This happened three times.

Before moving forward with this story, let me back up just a bit and insert an important paragraph of information.

In the stands that evening we had a great following of students. The start of the school year was about two weeks away but our kids were there to support their team. Neat.

Now, back to the National Anthem.

So, what do our kids do after the third failed attempt to get a damaged CD of our National Anthem to play? A few kids began to sing acappella. Then, a few more kids joined the chorus, and it kept growing until everyone in the stadium was singing the National Anthem without the CD playing in the background.

Thank you MHS students. Something special happened that night – and that something special was you.

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