Please Sue Us Soon (Part III)

This is the third and final blog in a three-part series titled, “Please Sue Us Soon.”

Texas now has three school finance lawsuits in various stages of development. In all likelihood, School Districts will prevail on one litigation point, if not more.

However, winning in the court system does not guarantee a school-friendly outcome through the legislative process. That may not be fair; it may not be right, but it is real. Here’s how real it is: The present public school funding system is the legislature’s response to the last School District court victory.

How can an unfavorable legislative response to a School District court victory be avoided?

Fact: There are no guarantees that an unfavorable response can be avoided. However, this can be guaranteed: Your thoughts and opinions will not be heard, if they are not voiced.

If you are interested in letting your thoughts and voices be heard, here are two people to consider contacting. The first is Midlothian ISD’s State Representative, the Honorable Jim Pitts. [Note: I have had the honor and pleasure to talk with Representative Pitts on a number of occasions. He is a delightful person, cares about education issues, and he listens.] Here is his contact information:

The second person is MISD’s State Senator, the Honorable Brian Birdwell. [Note: To this date, I have not had the opportunity to talk with Senator Birdwell. I have had contact with one staffer, and I am presently attempting to arrange a meeting with the Senator.] Here is his contact information:

One more point: If you are interested in contacting our Senator and Representative, sooner may be better than later. Yes, the start of the 83rd Legislature is many months away, but opinions are being formed at this time, and many other people who hold viewpoints much different that ours are making contact now.

Remember, one guarantee in this political process is that if you do not share your thoughts and opinions, they will not be heard.

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