Rowdy Runners: A Dream Come True

A Learning Organization is a place “where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire” (please see The Leading Learning Organization in the Nation).  Midlothian ISD is that type of place and Coach Ryan Timm, J.R. Irvin Elementary School, is that type of person.

Three years ago, when Coach Timm, physical education teacher, arrived at Irvin he quickly realized that the field area in back of the school was not available to his students when it was wet (rain, of course, but even the dew made it unusable). So, he and Mrs. Jean Embry, Irvin Principal, wrote a Midlothian Education Foundation grant to create a sidewalk-like track that would weave its way in and around the back of Irvin Elementary.

The grant was approved and the track was built.

But that was just the beginning. Coach Timm dreamed of creating an after-school running club: The Rowdy Runners. He did, and the J. R. Irvin Rowdy Runners was born.

“I’ve been surprised by how much the kids enjoy it,” Coach Timm said. “They look forward to it. They wear their [Rowdy Runners] shirts as often as they can.”

The dream didn’t stop at J.R. Irvin. The program grew from one elementary school to all elementary schools, and it is now the MISD Rowdy Runners.

At the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce’s Fall Festival (Saturday, October 15, 2011) 198 of the 506 runners in its 5K run were MISD Rowdy Runners!

Coach Timm was asked, “What are you most proud of?” He said, “The look of excitement when they [MISD Rowdy Runners] go across the finish line.”

Congratulations, Coach Timm.

Congratulations doesn’t start and stop with one person. Each and every day in MISD our people live out what is a learning organization in that they create the results they desire. Congratulations.

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