Financial Transparency: 2011 Bond and Buildings

Midlothian ISD is committed to financial transparency. For two school years in a row (2010-12 and 2011-12), MISD has earned the top rating (Gold) in the Texas Comptroller’s Leadership Circle. The top rating means that MISD sets the bar with its transparency efforts.

That same effort and spirit of financial transparency is applied to the 2011 Bond and Buildings program. If  you go to MISD’s home webpage (Midlothian ISD), you will find on the right hand column, the third category, “Bond Update.”

In the “Bond Update” category, find and click on “Bond Finance.” That will take you to …

… the page above. The “Financial Report” provides the reader an overall view of the 2011 Bond financial picture. For example, if you had clicked on “Financial Report” on November 1, 2011, it was noted that MISD had a revenue grand total of $76,801,492,38 (original bond $76.8m plus interest) and expenditures of $17,297.50, for a total of $76,784,194.88.

If you wanted to know what was funded for $17,297.50, you could click on “Check Registry” and find that two checks were written. One to clear a fence line and one to erect a new fence.

Of course, knowing on what the money was spent may not be enough information. To get additional information, just call MISD (972-775-8296) and ask for Dr. Jerome Stewart (Superintendent) or Dr. Edd Bigbee (Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations) and one of us will provide the answer.

A call placed to Dr. Bigbee or me about the fence expenditures would have produced an answer like this: A fence was needed to be erected on the west side of the property (high school #2) to keep the neighbor’s cattle off the property in preparation for construction.

Again, MISD is committed to financial transparency with the 2011 Bond and Buildings program.

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