Teachers and 550 Cord

Paracord is a lightweight rope that has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds – thus its popular name: 550 cord. It is a nylon kernmantle* rope used in the suspension lines of United States parachutes during WWII.

Today, 550 cord has both military and civilian uses.

For civilians, 550 cord can be taken along when hunting, camping, or hiking.  It can be used to attach equipment to harnesses, or tie tents or hammocks to trees. Unwind its nylon core and it can be used as fishing line or thread.

550 cord can be woven into a bracelet. In that form, it is easy to carry and readily available for use. The bracelet form is not only practical for hunters, campers, and hikers, but also it is gaining popularity for its symbolic value.

No one meaning has been attached to the bracelets. However, the 550 cord’s strength can easily be identified with teachers.

Teachers have great strength … strength to love and laugh, care and cry, expect and encourage; demand and discipline. Teachers bend, but they are strong enough to not break.

Yes, the strength of 550 cord reminds me of teachers.

*Kernmantle: The core (kern) is the strength of the rope and the sheath (mantle) protects the core.

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