Bond and Buildings Update II

This is the second comprehensive update on Midlothian ISD’s Bond and Buildings. This blog contains all the information in the first update: Bonds and Buildings Update. Additions to the original blog are in bold. Some information in the original may be changed/deleted in future updates. In this blog, that information will have a line through it. Even though that information will be deleted from future updates, as a point of reference, it will remain available in the original post (Bonds and Buildings Update).

This second update is a detailed summary of events involving the 2011 Bond. The summary of events involving the 2011 Bond is arranged in six areas (1) Architect, (2) Schematic Design Process, (3) Design Development Process, (4) Construction Manager at Risk, (5) Bond Sales, (6) Land Purchases, (7) Bond Oversight Committee, and (8) Financial Transparency.


On April 18, 2011, the Midlothian ISD School Board hired VLK, an architectural firm, to design all three projects in the 2011 Bond: High School #2, Phase 1, Frank Seale Middle School addition, and Elementary School #7.

Schematic Design Process

VLK, MISD’s architectural firm, started its work on High School #2, Phase 1, with a schematic design process.

The  schematic design process is one of five professional services that VLK provides MISD. [Note: The five professional services are (1) schematic design, (2) design development, (3) construction documents, (4) bidding, and (5) construction]. It takes the academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs the District wants for the new high school and develops a conceptual floor plan.

In this phase of development, the architects will identify (1) the general location of the building(s), (2) student, employee, and public access to the buildings and site, (3) building orientation with environmental performance considerations, (4) the number of stories for the high school and the general grouping of programs, (5) site circulation for vehicles and pedestrians, bus pick up and drop off, staff and student parking, and delivery drives, and (6) athletic facility and field arrangements.

On the district side, the MISD School Board identified programs that it would like to see included in the High School #2 at its meeting on July 18, 2011. Core academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs are on the list. Added to that list of programs were health science, horticulture, and culinary arts. [Note: It may be that some programs may be started with High School #2, Phase 2.]

Also, a  schematic design team was created. The members of the team are Ms. Robin Bullock, Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Edd Bigbee, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, Ms. Judy Walling, Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Dr. Al Hemmle, Midlothian High School Principal, Mr. Steve Keasler, Athletic Director, Mr. David Boswell, Director of Maintenance, Mr. Kirk Paschall, Executive Director of Technology, Ms. Nancy Bergvall, Instructional Technology Coordinator, and Ms. Melissa Wolfe, Executive Director of Special Education.

Over the summer months, the Schematic Design Team visited several high schools including, Byron Nelson (Northwest ISD), Timber Creek (Keller ISD), Centennial (Burleson ISD), Lone Star (Frisco ISD), Wylie East (Wylie ISD), Hollenstein Career and Technology Center (Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD), and High School #3 (Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD). The purpose of the school site visits was to gather ideas on high school designs – things that would work for and things that might not work for MISD.

VLK has taken all that information (e.g., academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs, and school site visit input) and will develop a conceptual estimate of cost to ensure that we are in budget. That information will be brought to the Board for its consderation. Once approved, VLK will begin its second phase, Design Development.

Design Development Process

Design Development is the second phase of service an architect performs for its clients. This phase began in November 2011. It includes (1) Articulate every space within the building, (2) Include all built-in cabinets, millwork, and furnished equipment in the floor plan, (3) Locate and define all utility devices in each room, (4) Determine ceiling heights, (5) Identify all building materials and finishes, (6) Incorporate all building support areas into the overall square footage, (7) Determine all building systems, (8) Determine all floor-to-floor heights and massing, (9) Determine roof elevations and drainage concepts, (10) Develop schematic grading plans, (11) Design all exterior elevations, (12) Detail all site amenities (e.g., fencing, paving, sidewalks), (13) Prepare a cost estimate for the projects, (14) Prepare a code analysis, (15) Include all accessibility elements, and (16) Conduct a geotechnical analysis. 

This phase involves many MHS teachers and administrators. As experts in the use and utility of their rooms, work areas, and other areas, their suggestions are used in the design development of HS #2. 

This phase also includes administrators from Frank Seale Middle School. Their input is used to design the additions to FSMS. 

Construction Manager at Risk

At its meeting on June 20, 2011, the MISD School Board chose the Construction Manager at Risk option as the method for which to build its facilities.

The Board, at its meeting on September 19, 2011, chose Charter Builders as the construction firm with which to enter into contract negotiations to build High School #2, Phase 1, and the Frank Seale Middle School addition. At its meeting on October 17, 2011, a proposed contract will be was brought to the Board for its consideration. The Board can accept the proposed contract, or if the Board believes that the proposed contract is not in the best interest of the district, it can reject it and, by law, move to the next construction firm in which to enter into contract negotiations.

The MISD School Board met on October 17, 2011, and selected Balfour Beatty Construction (formerly known as Charter Builders … two separate companies (Charter Builders and Spaw/Maxwell) combined as one company, under one name) as its construction manager at risk. 

Sale of Bonds

The MISD Board has approved the sale of $76 million in bonds. The sale is in the form of two bonds – one fixed rate bond at $26m, and one variable rate bond at $50m. Both bonds have been sold. MISD has received the money from the sale of the $26m bond, and it anticipates receiving the money for the $50m bond by the end of September 2011.  and from the sale of the $50m bond. Because of lower-than-predicted interest rates, the bonds, as sold, will save the MISD taxpayers millions of dollars over the lives of the bonds according to our financial advisor, Mr. Bill Gumbert (BOSC, Inc).

The bonds are for two projects: High School #2, Phase 1, and the Frank Seale Middle School addition. As of this date, there has been no decision to move forward with the construction of Elementary School #7.

[Note: Construction for High School #2 and the Frank Seale Middle School addition is planned to begin in the summer of 2012].

Land Purchase

The Board is pursuing the purchase of land (previous bond funds (2004), not 2011 bond funds) for Elementary School #7 a future elementary school. [Note: The change is to share with the reader that the School Board has the authority and needs the flexibility, given changing data, to place MISD’s next elementary in the most advantageous location. Certainly, Elementary School #7 may be at this location, or it may be at a location yet to be determined. At this time, MISD does not have additional land purchases under consideration]. Parts of several Board Meetings have been were devoted to the consideration of land purchases. A decision was finalized on September 19, 2011. The contract for that land purchase, as of September 21, has had not been fully executed.

The land for an elementary school site was purchased and can be viewed at this blog (direct link): Midlothian ISD Purchased an Elementary School Site.

In addition, MISD purchased a 10 acre site contiguous to High School #2. 2004 bond funds were used for the purchase. The planned use, at this time for for the additional land is parking spaces, the flexibility to repositioning the baseball field, and band practice area. The site can be viewed at this blog (direct link): Midlothian ISD’s High School #2: Land Purchase.

Bond Oversight Committee

A 2011 Bond Oversight Committee was created by the Midlothian ISD School Board as a testament to its commitment to financial transparency. 

The two objectives of the committee are (1) monitor the use of school district funds in the 2011 bond building projects, and (2) receive information on all aspects of the 2011 bond building projects.

Members of the committee are Clint Almand, Cathy Altman, Bill Burdett, Karen Cox, Brent Crow, Jan Davis, Pat Farrell, David Fry, Roger Hall, Keith Hitt, Mike Houston, Cindy Kelly, Mike Marshall, Mark McComas, Jimmy North, Kevin O’teter, Pam Poole, Donna Smith, Kim Wiens, Jamie Wickliffe, Jennifer Wilson, and Dirk Younts.

Financial Transparency

MISD is committed to financial transparency. The overall bond budget as well as every check written to the 2011 Bond account are available on MISD’s website. Just go to MISD’s home page (direct link: Then, go the right side of the page under Bond Update and click on (direct link) Bond Finance. On the Bond Finance  page you can find the overall budget under (direct link) Financial Report and all checks at (direct link) Check Registry.

For additional information, you can go to this blog (direct link): Financial Transparency: 2011 Bond and Buildings.


So, this That is the latest on MISD’s 2011 Bond Program. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jerome Stewart, Superintendent MISD, at 972-775-8296 or through the comment section on this blog. Additional information can be found on MISD’s website at 2011 Bond.

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