The Flip Model

Ms. Stacee Johnson

Stacee Johnson, 5th grade math teacher at J. A. Vitovsky Elementary School (Midlothian ISD, TX), uses the Flip Model with her students. “Basically,” she says, “students receive foundational instruction at home. That allows for deeper instruction during class and the opportunity for students do their ‘homework’ in the classroom.”

Ms. Johnson takes about 5 minutes in the evening at her home to video a lesson and then posts it to the internet through a free, secure social learning network for teachers and students. The network allows for student-teacher interaction. For students who do not have access to the internet, she burns the same lesson to DVDs.

Stacee’s students really like the Flip Model. They learn at their own pace at home and come to class prepared for work.

The students also appreciate the opportunity to interact online with their teacher on the learning network. They can ask questions and get answers from Ms. Johnson. An added benefit to the online approach is that Stacee’s students are helping their peers with answers to their questions, too.

Ms. Johnson notes that the Flip Model is a more efficient teaching process. Now, more class time is devoted to students working on the work and less time is taken by whole group instruction. Also, there is more time for the teacher to work one-on-one or with small groups as the need arises.

Kudos to Ms. Stacee Johnson for taking it upon herself to work with a new model of instruction for the benefit of her students.

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