The Flip Model (II)

Ms. Ginny Fitzgerald, Midlothian High School Geometry teacher, has used The Flip Model in her classrooms.

The Flip Model is an instructional practice where students receive foundational instruction at home. Then, when the students come to class they are ready to work-on-the-work with teacher or peer assistance, and/or participate in enrichment activities.

Ms. Fitzgerald tried this new approach for one chapter … about three weeks class time … in the hope that she could spend more time with each student. It worked.  “I have time to help the kids and to really dig deep into concepts,” she said. “I talk to each student individually several times in one class.”

And the kids liked it. Ginny noted she was “surprised at how excited the kids were. It makes math enjoyable for a lot of them.”

Parents liked it, too. Parents would watch the instruction along with their children and know how to answer questions that they might have.

Ms. Fitzgerald plans to use The Flip Model again in February (2012). Her students are excited. They keep asking her, “When are we going to use The Flip Model?”

The kids liked it. Parents liked it. The teacher liked it. “It” sounds promising.

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