A Gift of Love

Mikayla is a kindergarten student at Mt. Peak Elementary School in Ms. Tama Garrison’s classroom. Mikayla doesn’t have a right hand. She does have an indomitable spirit.

When asked what she wanted to do when she grows up, she said, “I want to be a doctor to help people’s eyes.”

Even with a great attitude, there are some tasks in the classroom at which Mikayla struggles. One of those struggles was pulling the cap off her glue stick – an important event in the routines of a kindergarten student.

Now, Mikayla was never without assistance. Her classmates would help. Ms. Garrison would help, and Ms. Lori McCasland, paraprofessional at Mt. Peak, would help, too.

But Ms. McCasland knew that a goal for Mikayla was the greatest degree of self-sufficiency.

Late one night – nearing midnight – Lori had an idea. She went shopping, picked up the necessary materials, and made what is now known as the “I Kan Stick” glue-stick-cap-removal system.

And it works!

Mikayla loves it!

It works so well that the Scottish Rite Hospital is interested in the I Kan Stick.

The I Kan Stick is more than just a way to remove a glue stick cap, it is an act of love.

Ms. Garrison and Ms. McCasland, thank you for the love you have for Mikayla … for all your students.

At Midlothian ISD, when we celebrate one, we celebrate everyone.
More pictures can be viewed at Mikayla (Feb 24, 2012).

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