Tommy on TV

Tommy Allred, Frank Seale Middle School 7th grader, recently (April 2012) appeared on The Clark Howard Show television show.


How did it happen?

Tommy has watched the The Clark Howard Show for a few years – it’s his favorite television program. The show is all about saving money. So, one day while watching it Tommy thought, “Hmm, I should meet that guy (i.e., Clark Howard) and see how my money can work for me.”

Tommy shared that thought with his mother. His mother, on her son’s behalf, emailed Mr. Howard, and, before long, Tommy was on the show (see the full interview at Future Financial Star).

How much money does Tommy have?

About $2,000.

And how did Tommy get the money?

He earned it … with hard work … at his four jobs.

Those jobs are (1) financial manager for his mom (she is an author); (2) author (Tommy wrote the biographical book, “How I Met the President”), (3) dog sitter, and (4) dog jogger.

Tommy loves FSMS. His favorite subjects are math and science. He’s an athlete, too.

Listen to the interview and/or talk to him in person and you know that Tommy has cultivated a great, can-do attitude.


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