Imagine More State Budget Cuts

Governor Perry’s “Texas Budget Compact” has consequences for public education.

The five points in the compact are (1) Practice truth in budgeting, (2) Support a stricter constitutional limit on the growth of spending, (3) Oppose any new or higher taxes, (4) Preserve a strong Rainy Day Fund, and (5) Cut unnecessary government programs and agencies.

The Austin American-Statesman’s editorial board noted the consequences of the compact:

“As the American-Statesman’s Kate Alexander and Chuck Lindell reported in Tuesday’s editions, legislators would have had to cut an additional $11 billion from the state’s general fund last year if Perry’s principles had been followed.

“The 2012-13 budget that lawmakers approved in 2011 was $15 billion lower than the previous two-year budget, and reduced the amount of money set to go to public schools and public education by more than $5 billion. Imagine another $11 billion in cuts placed upon those reductions.”

Yes, imagine … imagine more cuts … and, then, imagine their impact on education.

Does the possibility of additional cuts to public education sound like it would help, as Governor Perry states, “‘lead to a stronger Texas'”?

Yes, imagine.

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