MEF’s 3rd Annual Eat & Run (April 28, 2012)

MEF’s 3rd Annual – Love to Eat & Run (5K) race was held on Saturday, April 28, 2012.

Over 300 people participated! It was a wonderful event. There were lots of smiles, good fellowship, running, walking and just good fun in general.


[Personal note] These shoes will not make it into the MEF’s Love to Eat & Run Hall of Fame. They were worn by me (Jerome Stewart, Superintendent Midlothian ISD) during the Third Annual MEF Love to Eat & Run (5K).

I did finish in the top 300 … I’m pretty sure … I think … well, maybe. However, I am confident that if there was a division – balding, gray-haired males born in Iowa with a birthdate between March 28 and 30 some year in the 1950s – I would have finished first. Unfortunately, there wasn’t such a category.

All kidding aside, it was a great event; and it was fun whether you chose to run, walk, or cheer*.

Thank you MEF (and many others) for all the time and energy you invested in this special event.

* Several people encourage me to “finish strong: sprint!” as I came around to the last 100 yards. Little did they know that what they witnessed at that time was my top “running” speed … I was sprinting!

I admit, I am a slow runner.

It reminds me of the true story from another Texas school district.

One spring evening, I was jogging 0n the high school’s track. A kindergarten student was holding his mother’s hand as they walked on the track.

As as I came by, the young boy called out to me (it was a small district … I knew the names of a good share of the students, and most students knew me), “Dr. Stewart, can I go walking with you.”

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