2011 Bond Oversight Committee Meeting (June 26, 2012)

The 2011 Bond Oversight Committee [Midlothian ISD] met on June 26, 2012.

Elect Chairman / Officials
[MISD School] Board Member Role
(a) FSMS Addition
(b) High School #2 (Phase 1)

Elect Chairman / Officials

Mr. Keith Hitt was elected as chairman of the 2011 Bond Oversight Committee at its first meeting in January 2012. Since that meeting, Mr. Hitt was elected to the MISD School Board (May 2012), so a new chairman was needed for the Oversight Committee.

Mr. Brent Crow, the committee’s vice chairman, was nominated and elected as the chairman. A vice chairman was needed and Mr. Pat Farrell was elected for that position. Mrs. Cathy Altman remained as secretary.

Board Member Role

The MISD School Board at its regular meeting on June 18, 2012, asked Mr. Brent Crow and Mrs. Cathy Altman if the committee would be interested in MISD School Board Trustee representation at the Bond Oversight Committee meetings. The committee discussed the idea and will bring its response to the MISD School Board at its regular meeting in July.

Presentations (VLK)

MISD’s architectural firm for its two bond projects (FSMS Addition and High School #2 (Phase 1)) was represented by Mrs. Leesa Vardeman. Ms. Vardeman presented information that is included in blogs posted to this site*.

FSMS Addition Update (June 27, 2012)
FM 1387 Update
High School #2 (Phase 1) Update (June 27, 2012)
High School #2 (Phase 1) – First Floor, Floor Plan
High School #2 (Phase 1) – Second Floor, Floor Plan
High School #2 (Phase 1) – Athletic Fieldhouse Floor Plan

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