We Make A Difference

Recently, one of Midlothian ISD’s educators received an email from a former student.

It’s a reminder of why we do what we do: We make a difference.

The former student wrote, “You knew me MANY MANY years ago … I was in what I believe was your very first class ever to teach – 2nd grade at Mae Smythe Elementary in Pasadena, TX. You are the reason I wanted to be a teacher my entire life! I still have the book you gave* me when I graduated from Sam Rayburn High School – it was a copy of  ‘The Giving Tree.’ It means so much to me, even to this day.”

“I will never forget your kind and compassionate smile!!”

The teacher who made that lasting impression is Mrs. Jean Embry, principal of J. R. Irvin Elementary School, Midlothian ISD.

*Mrs. Embry would give a book – The Giving Tree – to each of her former 2nd grade students upon graduation.

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