The Right Example

Brandon Dikes plays football for Midlothian High School (Midlothian ISD, TX).

On Thursday evening, September 20, 2012, during the initial play of the second half, Brandon separated his shoulder. A visit to the doctor was planned for the next day.

So, where did Brandon go first thing the following morning? To school.

He got up that morning sore, very sore. But he told his parents that he wanted to go to school. Why? Because, during the football season, Brandon travels every Friday morning to one of our elementary schools and reads to a fifth grade class.

For that Friday, Brandon had pre-selected the book he wanted to read: The Giving Tree. Brandon said, “I just love reading to the kids. I wanted to set the right example and live up to what is asked of me, because a lot is asked of them.”

Brandon: you lived up to what was asked of you. You were and are the right example for your fifth graders and many more people, too.

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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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