Midlo Rocks: The Earthquake of 2012

During the evening of Oct 16, 2012, an earthquake hit the Midlothian (TX) area. Its magnitude was officially registered at 2.7. Here are some of the stories, grouped in categories, from Midlothian ISD.

The Earth Shook

“Our entire house shook with a loud boom as well.”
“My whole house shook … We heard it, too.”
“I was upstairs over my garage … and I heard the garage door shake, I thought either someone had run into my garage with their car, or were trying to break in.”
“It sounded like a big clap of thunder. It shook the house a little.”
“It sounded as though someone had taken a large, metal baseball bat and hit our house.”
“It sounded like an explosion at my house.”


“I was driving home at the time it hit and was close to where it struck.  I didn’t notice a thing. I wonder what that says about my driving?”

Blame the Kids

“I actually thought it was the kids stomping around upstairs after bedtime, I was about to go up and fuss at them when the neighbors and friends started texting me.”


“I was watching TV with my wife and joked to my wife that whatever someone was doing downstairs felt like an earthquake.”
“My wife said it was an earthquake. I told her she was crazy. We see who won that.”


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