Love 101 (I)

Here’s a story from Nick Vujicic’s (pronounced Voy-a-chich) book Life Without Limits.

Nick was born without arms and legs. His story is a compelling story of choice. He writes, “Whether your life is good and you want to make it better, or whether it’s so bad you just want to stay in bed, the fact is that what happens from this very moment is up to you …” (p. 21).

Nick chose to become a professional speaker – an evangelist. The path toward his goal included speaking to other kids his age when he was in high school.

During one speech, Nick shared with a student audience of about 300 teenagers of their beauty and the gift of unconditional love.

A girl in the audience began to cry … to sob. She raised her hand to speak. When acknowledged, she came forward and gave Nick a hug, and said, ‘Nobody has ever told me that I’m beautiful the way I am. No one has ever said that they love me … You’ve changed my life,” (p. 20).

The world needs to hear the message of beauty and love. Our students need to hear the same messages from their teachers … from great lovers.

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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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