Something Old, Something New (II)

This is the second of a three-part series titled, “Something Old, Something New.” The old – unconditional love – was the topic of the first blog. The new is the topic of this blog. And what is the “new”? It’s technology.

Technology Defined

For the purposes of this blog, technology is not a thing: a computer, a smartphone, or a device of any kind.

Instead, technology is a way of reaching out to the world.

In this sense, technology is like a journey. A journey requires a mode of transportation, but the mode of transportation is not the journey.

Similarly, technology – reaching out to the world – requires a mode of transportation. The mode is the technology device.

The device is important, where the the user goes with the device – the journey – is primary.

The Journey: Reaching Out to the World

Where can the journey take students? What worlds can we experience?

With technology, students can see things in striking, interactive formats previously unavailable them, such as our solar system and the inside of an atom. Students can travel beyond the reaches of a typical field trip: China or the Smithsonian Museum. They can communicate with top researchers in a field of study or students from across the world.

Tech Stars

Today, teachers need to be facilitators who can take their students on journeys of learning, journeys only recently made available through technology devices. Our teachers need to be tech stars: educators who can illuminate the path of learning with tools of technology.


Teachers need to be great lovers and tech stars.

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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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