Building Information Modeling (BIM)


High School #2 (Phase 1) – Main Academic Building (library) back side

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) process is a relatively new innovation in the construction industry. It is used in the building of Midlothian ISD’s High School #2 (Phase 1).

BIM is, according to the National BIM Standard (US), “a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility.”

Here is one introduction and description of BIM from the National Institute of Building Sciences.

“Imagine for a moment all of the individual actors in all of the phases of a facility’s lifecycle. Imagine that all of the actors, working in familiar ways within their own specialty areas, are able to gather information, explore options, assemble, test, and perfect the elements of their work within a computer-based model before committing their work to be shared with or passed on to others, to be built, or to be operated. Imagine further that when it becomes necessary to share or pass a bundle of information to another organization, which may or may not be using the same tools, or to move it on to another phase of work, it is possible to safely and almost instantaneously (through a computer-to-computer communication) share or move just the right bundle of information without loss or error and without giving up appropriate control. In this imaginary world the exchange is standardized across the entire industry such that each item is recognized and understood without the parties having to create their own set of standards for that project team or for their individual organizations. Finally, imagine that for the life of the facility every important aspect, regardless of how, when, or by whom it was created or revised, could be readily captured, stored, researched, and recalled as needed to support real property acquisition and management, occupancy, operations, remodeling, new construction, and analytics.”

It’s not “imagination”, it’s reality. The “imagine” is what BIM does.

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