Competition: No Panacea for Public Education (III)

If competition is the panacea for public education, then before it is introduced and expanded in the Texas K-12 Public Education System examine its results in institutions in which it has been in place for decades: the Texas public higher education system.

The first two blogs in this series looked at Texas’s higher education institutions as a whole. Now, let’s look at a program within these competitive four-year institutions of higher education in which the vast majority of students are highly recruited (competition), paid to go to school (scholarships), and provided academic support (tutorials): NCAA Division I Football.


The NCAA provides data on all its member institutions’ graduation success rates (GSR). For the 2002-2005 cohorts, the GSRs for three of Texas’s four-year public institutions of higher learning are: 58%, 66% and 69%.


Surely, if competition fixes public education, then should not decades old, highly competitive programs within a competitive education market be “fixed”?

Competition is not a panacea for K-12 public education.

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