Midlothian High School #2 Naming Committee Update (Feb 26, 2013)

The Midlothian ISD High School #2 Naming Committee met for the fourth time on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013. As as result of the meeting, five names are on the final list. They are:

Midlothian Eastridge High School
Midlothian Heritage High School
Midlothian Highlands High School
Midlothian Memorial High School
Midlothian Northview High School

A meeting was planned for March 5, 2013, for the committee to create a final list of not less than five and not more than ten names (see Board Policy CW (LOCAL)) to be submitted to the Board for its consideration at a Board Meeting to be determined. However, because only five names are on the list, there is no need for another meeting. Consequently, this list will be the one submitted to the Board at a meeting to be determined.

Regarding the final decision, Board Policy CW (LOCAL) states, “The responsibility for the final decision in naming facilities shall rest with the Board. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board shall officially select a name from the list of recommendations submitted by the committee for each campus or facility to be named, or the Board shall select a proposal from the RFP procedure*.”


To read the Board Policy on Naming of Facilities, you may go to CW (LOCAL).

*Note: To this date the RFP procedure has not been put in place for the naming of High School #2.

Note: Schedules of committee meetings and their number are open to change.

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