Bubba The Texas Education Czar

Let’s imagine that Texas has an Education Czar. His name is Bubba.

Bubba the Czar is in charge of K-12 public education and it is represented by a large, multi-passenger car.

The driver of the K-12 car is a kind and loving master teacher –  Mrs. Johnson. The car is filled with 10 children.

Bubba has directed Ms. J to take all 10 children from Dallas to Amarillo. The trip is 360 miles, the 20-gallon gas tank is filled, and the car gets about 18 miles per gallon. Just enough fuel to make the trip.

Everyone is buckled up and off they go to arrive in Amarillo by morning.

A few hours later, Mrs. Johnson gets a call from Bubba Czar. It seems that one set of parents prefers a different car than the one Ms. J is driving for their child. Bubba arranges to meet Mrs. J at the next gas station.

At the gas station, Bubba Czar orders the one child out of the car and places her in another vehicle of her parents’ liking.

However, before both cars take off, Bubba Czar transfers some of the gas from Ms. J’s car to the other car. Ms. J expresses her doubts that she has enough fuel to make the trip, but Bubba explains that the gas follows the child.

Bubba Czar adds another twist to the trip when he says, “Your final destination has changed; it’s Albuquerque, not Amarillo.”


In “real life”, we might laugh if something like this actually happened. But as strange as this story may seem, there are humorously masked truths about what K-12 Public Education faces today.

Please note that no one person is characterized in this story. It is intended only as a humorous look at Texas public school finance.

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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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