Kylie Moss and Her Favorite Apps

“The tools and apps we love,” by Terry Morawski, is an article in the June 2013 issue of Texas School Business.

Featured in that article is one of Midlothian ISD’s fourth grade teachers: Kylie Moss.


Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.03.47 PMKylie Moss, a fourth grade teacher from Midlothian ISD, says her favorite app is Show Me.

“It is a great tool for making classroom videos and facilitating a flipped classroom model,” says Moss. “It’s as if they have their own personal tutor to help them with a math concept – either in the classroom or at home” For those unfamiliar with the term “flipped classroom,” this is a model where teachers videotape their lessons and lectures. The students watch the lessons for homework and then class time is spent on asking questions, refining concepts of facilitating group work. Many teachers are finding success with the model.

Moss says her close runner-up favorites are Google Drive and Apple’s Keynote. Google Drive offers free online file storage. Keynote is Apple’s presentation software product. Many fans of Keynote like the ease of editing on the fly via their iPads, as well as Apple’s eye for stylish templates.

She says she loves them because they incorporate the power of social media and they help students to facilitate their own learning. It’s exciting to watch the ways in which students create and explore independently she says. “The kids have loved creating Keynote presentations, iMovie trailers and Google Docs and sharing ideas with fellow classmates,” says Moss, who is a part of Midlothian ISD’s Project Launch team. The team was created to explore and develop innovative strategies for 1:1. Check our her Project Launch blog at

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