The Desire to be Great

In his book , Training Camp: A Fable About Excellence, Jon Gordon shares a story about a rookie football player in an National Football League (NFL) training camp.

The well-respected offensive line coach – a hall of fame NFL player and a great coach – takes the rookie under his wing and teaches him about football. Teachings that transcend the football field.

One such lesson was on desire, and the desire to be great.


The offensive line coach talking to the rookie says, “You see, I believe everyone has a desire to be great. Everyone has a desire to accomplish something meaningful and have an impact, When I speak to teenagers I ask them if they want to be great. Of course they all say yes. Then I tell them that you want to be great because God made you to want to strive for greatness. But here’s the difference. The best of the best are willing to do what it takes to be great. The best don’t just think about their desire for greatness, they act on it. They have a high capacity for work. They do things that others won’t do, and they spend more time doing it. When everyone else is sleeping, the best are practicing and thinking and improving.”

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