Debunked Sports Myths

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 1.45.55 PMDr. James Andrews (orthopedic surgeon, “father of modern sports medicine and one of the most influential figures in the world of athletics”) has written with Don Yeager a book titled, On Any Monday.

The book is dedicated to the prevention of sports injuries in school-aged athletes.

In Chapter 33 of the book, Dr. Andrews debunks several sports-related myths. Here are two of several:

(A) “There is nothing that sports medicine can do for a throwing arm that is better than how the good Lord created it …. A healthy pitching arm will always, always be more stable and more capable than one that has been operated on.”

(B) “‘No pain, no gain.’ That’s simply not true. Pain exists for a reason: to warn our bodies when something is wrong.”

I would recommend this book if for this chapter (33) alone.

For more debunked myths and other information on the prevention of sports injuries, you may want to read On Any Monday: Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them, For Athletes, Parents, and Coaches – Based On My Life In Sports Medicine.

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