It’s Not What You Can’t Do

Early one morning, I was traveling in my truck and listening to an interview on the radio. The person interviewed was Dr. Bernie S. Siegel.

I have one of Dr. Siegel’s books, Love, Medicine & Miracles, and, after listening to the interview, I purchased another, A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love.

The title of the book would indicate that it is filled with inspirational stories, and it is.

One story, although it is about a remarkable animal, brings to light an important truth that can lighten our walk of life.


Ricochet is a dog. She failed at becoming a service dog.  But her owner focused on what Ricochet could do, not on what Ricochet could not do; and Ricochet could surf.

And Ricochet did surf … surfed for charity.

What Ricochet could do has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and has helped many people along the way.


Put down the baggage of perfection and never pick it up again.

It’s easy to say, think and believe that no one is perfect. It is much harder to personalize it: if no one is perfect, I am not perfect; and if I am not perfect, then I have imperfections.

It’s the last logical leap that haunts: I have imperfections.

I have no doubt that the world could benefit from you getting a little better at that which you are not so good.

But what the world really needs is for you to celebrate and use the best of who you are – the things at which you are gifted and talented, the things that satisfy your purpose, meaning and significance.

It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do that really matters.


A video of Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope With Ricochet.

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