The Art Spirit

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.29.34 AMRobert Henri (1865-1929) was an American-born painter and teacher. His teachings were compiled by one of his students, Margery Ryerson, in a book titled, The Art Spirit.

In the book* are bits and pieces of insights that are valuable to artists, art teachers and teachers in general.

Read and listen to this quote carefully and see if you can hear a message that not only is for art and artists, but also is a message for all teachers.

Art when really understood is the province of every human being.

It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well. It is not an outside, extra thing.

When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for better understanding. Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book, he opens it, shows that there are still more pages possible.

* I am not recommending the book, not because there is no value in the book; there is. I do not recommend the book because it, as the author states, is not in “the form of a regular book” and that might bother some readers. Certainly, it should be known prior to purchase.

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