Heart First

The greatness of art depends absolutely on the greatness of the artist’s individuality and on the same source depends the power to acquire a technique sufficient for expression.

The man who is forever acquiring technique with the idea that sometime he may have something to express, will never have the technique of the thing he wishes to express.

– Robert Henri (The Art Spirit) p. 120

There is a relationship between the artist and technique. However, many layers of competent technique cannot make an artist great; and a great artist without technique is limited in his/her expression.

But the order is straightforward: The artist, then the technique.


A teacher needs technique. The skills of the profession are taught in colleges of education. Their breadth and depth are enhanced with professional development (formal and informal) and the real life experiences of the classroom.

However, many layers of technique cannot make a teacher great and someone who aspires to be a teacher, who is without technique, is limited in her expressive abilities.

The order of development is simple: It is the teacher first, then the technique. First the person … his spirit, her love, his compassion.

A great teacher has a heart for kids and the education professionĀ before she enters the classroom.

About drjstewart

Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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