The Results Were Amazing – No One Paid The Slightest Bit Of Attention.

Phillip B. Crosby wrote Quality Is Still Free (1996) – a followup to Quality is Free (1978), an international best seller.

Crosby learned early on that quality is free, but also it is a time-intensive investment and it is personal.

It takes four or five years to get people to understand the need for, and learn to have confidence in, such an improvement program. I originally sent a 16-page brochure accompanied by a tape explaining the zero defects concept to every unit. The results were amazing. No one paid the slightest bit of attention [my emphasis]. None of them were even sent back. It was apparent that the conversion and instruction had to be done on a unit-by-unit basis until we could get some success stories to use in the seminars (pp. 16 and 17).

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