A sculptor, the prodigal son, and steps toward home

Ravi Zacharias writes in Has Christianity Failed You? about an encounter with a sculptor (pp. 136-137).

My wife and I met an amazingly talented sculptor of bronzes. One of his small works took him many years to complete and be able to share with others, as it was too close to a reflection of his own spiritual journey. It is the depiction of a man holding on to a bottle, lying on his side on the ground, desolate and lost. The sculptor said that to him, the most important words in the Bible came from the story of the prodigal son:’And when he had come to himself.’ He said the sculpture reflected his own life, because it wasn’t until he reached the bottom that he ‘came to himself,’ recognizing his own shortcomings and failures, was able to get to his feet and begin his journey upward. His message to the world through this bronze sculpture is that it is not until one recognizes the spiritual and moral depravity of his own heart that he will turn his steps toward home and God.


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