“There is no other stream,” (Aslan to Jill in The Silver Chair (The fourth book in The Chronicles of Narnia series)).

In reading Has Christianity Failed You?, the author retells the story of Jill, in The Silver Chair, the fourth book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, when she is lost and thirsty in a strange forest. She finds a stream with fresh water but at its edge is a huge lion, Aslan, resting.

They engage in a conversation that exposes Jill’s dilemma: She must have the water to live, but she is afraid of Aslan.

Finally, Jill decides not to drink from this stream and states that she will look for another to which Aslan states, ‘”There is no other stream.'”

Has Christianity Failed You? (Ravi Zacharias, pp, 141 – 142, the quote is from page 142).

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