What Would Our Lives Be Like If We Were More Aware Of The Miraculous?

I am reading the book (two volumes) Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts and I recently finished the book, Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, And How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas.

Both authors provided many stories of miracles. For example, Keener wrote:

When Anna Gulick was a Lutheran missionary in Japan in the mid-1950s, she was receiving penicillin in various forms for her allergies. One night after spraying it in her nose, however, her ‘heart went into fibrillation due to anaphylactic shock from penicillin.’ She knew she had only five minutes to live in this state, and it was too late for her friends to get help, but suddenly she could see only Jesus at the foot of her bed. Without speaking, she communicated from her heart that ‘if He still had work form me to do, I was willing to stay,’ Then the room returned to normal, and her heart was beating fine. From that time forward she lost her fear of death, knowing that Jesus would be with her again. That was more than fifty years ago; Anna is still going strong, now an ANglican deacon with a lively and articulate sense of humor, at age ninety-two (pp. 879 & 880).

Keener shared a personal miracle story:

In July 2008, my wife and I spent time on Congo, so our marriage and support for the family became a matter of common knowledge even to those who wished harm the family. A few months later, On December 6, I was experiencing what felt like such an unusual and unnaturally dramatic spiritual assault I was literally not sure that I would survive the day. The next day, as I was recovering, I was walking with my wife and son, and we stopped under a particular strong tree, about three stories tall. No sooner had we followed my son’s advice to walk a few steps away than the tree fell without warning, precisely where we had been standing, blocking the small road. Had it fallen a few seconds earlier, all three of us would have been crushed to death. I believe that this is the only tree I have ever witnessed falling (though I have of course seen fallen trees), yet out of hundreds of trees in view that day, and all the different easy it could have fallen, it fell precisely where we had been standing seconds before. We came back and happily photographed the tree before the property owners called in a crew for it to be sawed and removed. The roots had not come up, but it looked as if the trunk had been cut through, and the wood appeared completely healthy (pp. 854 & 855).

What would our lives be like if we were more aware of the miraculous?


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