So Easy To Read, So Hard To Do: Do Not Be Like The Hypocrites (Matthew 6:16-18) (XIII)

This is the thirteenth in a series of blogs on the ease of reading the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew … and the difficulty of following them.

Do not be like the hypocrites.
(Matthew 6:16-18)

Although this passage is about hypocrites and fasting, this writing will focus on hypocrites.

Once again (see Matthew 6:5), we read a stern warning from Jesus: “Do not be like the hypocrites.”

You get the feeling that being a hypocrite is not all that good of a thing.

Yet, hypocrites, according to God’s word, hurt themselves, and it seems that it stops there.

But it doesn’t stop there. There is a sadness to hypocrisy: its converts.

Other people are attracted to hypocrisy’s outward beauty and do not see its spiritual emptiness. They convert. They grab its beauty and, unknowingly, reap its consequences.

In their defense, the converts cry out, “But I fasted like the beautiful people, the popular people, the religious people.”


Do not be like the hypocrites.


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