It turns out that, “I had beat myself up with my ‘self-talk,'” Rachel Ann Ridge.

Rachel Ann Ridge, the author of Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances, in a difficult time in her life, added to the weight of emotional pain by calling herself names. She writes:


I wrote the names in my notebook and continued listing every name I could think of that I called myself. In the end, I had a pretty long and pathetic list. On so many levels I had beat myself up in my ‘self-talk.’ And I suddenly realized that I’d let my very identity¬†be formed by the names I called myself, because I confused what I do with who I am.

Most of us have been there: negative self-talk that takes us to a deeper and darker place than we need to go; and in a self-defeating, ever downward spiraling circle, the more we listen to those negative descriptors, the more we add to the list of hurting names.

The good news is that we control our self-talk and it only takes one positive word to begin the process of renewal.

What is your one word?

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