Coaches, Are You Strong Enough To Say, “I Love You”? Coach Joe Ehrmann Is.

Whistle (II)

Jeffrey Marx is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. He wrote the book, Season of Life: A Football Star, A Boy, A Journey To Manhood. It chronicles a Gilman High School football season. The coach, Joe Ehrmann, was named by Parade Magazine as “The Most Important Coach In America.”

Joe is strong enough to say, “I Love You.”

Jeffrey records this event prior to a football game:

‘This is one of the greatest experiences of your young lives,’ Joe told the boys. ‘So let’s make sure you’re having fun, alright? You’ve been doing a lot of work the last few weeks to get ready for this. Now’s the time you can let it all hang out. We’re gonna get after ’em. But let’s make sure we’re having fun.’

Other coaches spoke. Then Joe initiated his standard question-and-answer sequence.

‘What is our job as coaches?’ he asked.

‘To love us,’ the boys yelled in unison.

‘What is your job?’ Joe shot back.

‘To love each other,’ the boys responded.

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