A football coach’s philosophy: “The person we want to honor is the one who maximizes whatever it is he has.”

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Jeffrey Marx, in his book, Season of Life, writes about a football coach, Joe Ehrmann, and one season with his football team at Gilman High School.

They do not cut varsity football players from the team at Gilman High School.

Why? The answer is explained in a biblical parable.

The story comes from the Book of Matthew.

It begins with a man who is preparing to leave home on a journey. He called his servants and distributed property to them based on ability.

One servant received five talents (a lot of money at that time). A second servant received two talents, and a third servant received one talent.

The property owner leaves.

He eventually returns and requests an accounting of the talents entrusted to his servants.

He was pleased with what the first and second servants did with their talents. They invested them and earned sizable returns – five talents for the first servant and two talents for the second servant.

He was not pleased, actually he was angry, with the third servant. That servant played it safe and buried his one talent. He did nothing with that which he was given.

As Joe explained it, the message of the parable is simple.

‘God gives each person X amount of talents,’ he said. ‘The question isn’t really how many talents you’ve been given. That’s the sovereignty of God. The real question is what you do with the ones you have.’

‘Some of us get paralyzed when we feel we don’t have “as much as” or “as good as” someone else,’ Joe said. ‘But the person we want to honor is the one who maximizes whatever it is he has.’

Another coach, Biff, asked his players if they believed message in the parable.

Before anyone could answer, Biff declared: ‘I do. The two-and-two guy is every bit as important as the guy who has ten and brings ten. Because the guy that has two and brings two, he’s giving everything he has. What more could we possibly ask of him?’

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