All Christians Should Take On A Little Of King David

King David (2)All Christians should take on a little of King David – the King David who was confronted by the prophet Nathan as recorded in II Samuel chapter 12.

Nathan tells the King a story about a very wealthy man (he had it all, he wanted for nothing) and a very poor man (he had nothing, except one lamb). The wealthy man took the poor man’s lamb, killed it, and prepared it for someone else to eat.

King David was furious at hearing the story and in his righteous indignation declared, “As the Lord lives, the man who has done this thing shall surely die!” (II Samuel 12:5).

And then Nathan cried out, “You are the man!” (II Samuel 12:6).

You see, Nathan was actually telling a veiled story about King David (he had it all, he wanted for nothing) and a man named Uriah (a faithful warrior in the King’s army). David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife and then had Uriah killed.

The King was exposed. He was a fraud: seemingly sinless before the people, but not before the Lord.

David put away his self-righteousness and went to the Lord humble and repentant.

Truth be known, all Christians have a bit of fraud in them: they feel safe, maybe even a bit self-righteous, in their sins, sins that their fellow believers cannot see; but God sees.

We are a prophet Nathan away from being exposed. Of course, it is unlikely that in today’s world a prophet would visit a Christian and reveal his/her sins to be known by all. But the improbability of that possibility should not be a reason to not listen to the lesson:  “You are the man!”

Drop the fraud.

Embrace humility.

Take on a little King David because Christians you, too, are that man.

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