Magnify One Of Your Cells A Billion Times. What Would You See? A Part Of The Miracle Of Life.


Imagine magnifying one of your cells a billion times until it is the size of a giant airship more than twelve miles across – large enough to cover the entire city of New York. If we could do that, says biologist Michael Denton, we would see [factory-like] activity everywhere. We would see millions of openings in this giant airship, like portholes, that allowed materials to flow in and out in precisely the right amounts and in precisely the right order. We would see an endless system of corridors branching in every direction, some to the memory bank in the nucleus and others to processing units and assembly plants.

We would also see the nucleus blown up to more than ten football fields. And that nucleus would contain miles of coded chains of DNA molecules stacked together in precisely ordered sequences. Those DNA sequences comprise the information software that directs your cell operations. We would see that 3.5 billion letter programmed in each one of your 40 trillion cells.

We would also see scores, sometimes hundreds, of normally microscopic molecular machines, each executing a different goal-directed mission to manufacture specific biological products. We would then see those products continually checked for errors and automatically corrected.

In fact, the molecular machines whirling inside of you right now are such engineering marvels, that biologist can’t help describe their parts with engineering names. There are molecular motors, shuttles, sensors, tweezers, propellers, stators, bushings, rotors, driveshafts, etc. For example, the bacterial flagellum is a rotary motor so small that 35,000 of them laid end to end would take up only 1 millimeter. Its motor us at a sizzling 100,00o rpm in one direction, and it can stop in only a quarter turn to run just as fast in the opposite direction!

Stealing  From God, Frank Turek, pp. 80 ,81

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