The Miraculous Birth of World Champions Orphanage Center (Liberia)


Children of the World Champions Orphanage Center

The World Champions Orphanage Center had a miraculous birth. It began in 2003 when rebels entered Grand Basa County during Liberia’s Modelle War.

Martha “Ma” Gibson and her family heard the rebel’s gun shots and knew they


Martha “Ma” Gibsonhad to flee or die. Their escape took them to a wide river. The rebels advanced. Certain death at the hands of the rebels drew closer.

The only safe place was on the other side of the river. Ma could not swim nor could anyone in her family. As she looked across the waters Martha saw bodies of some who had taken to the river and drowned.

Ma prayed to God, “If I survive this day, I’m going to serve you.” When she stepped into the river she, her family, and many others were able to walk through the waters to safety on the other side.

Martha Gibson survived and she kept her pledge to God.

Ma opened an orphanage in her home – The World Champions Orphanage. It still operates today.

Martha’s goal is to build an orphanage that nurtures children who grow to be world champions.

Also, Ma is in the process of building a small early childhood school connected to her home. The school facility is under construction – a modest facility. However, the construction has stalled – money has run out.

But Ma’s faith does not falter. She prays to the God who saved her for this work with the orphaned children of Gand Basa County, Liberia.




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