I’m A Better Sinner Than You: The Difference Between My Sins And Your Sins Explained

There is a difference between my sins and your sins.

First, I know my sins. After all, they are my sins. And I understand them. They talk to me. I listen and I talk back. We converse regularly. We have a comfortable relationship. I know my sins.

Second, I like my sins – well, kindof like them. Sure, there’s a part of me – a small part – that despises them, but I did choose them. No one forced me to commit my sins. I was drawn to them. There were compelling reasons to commit my sins even if sometimes I don’t remember them. No matter, the bottom line is that I like my sins.

Now your sins are a different matter. Well, not all of them. When my sins and your sins are the same, I understand, I can empathize. But, when your sins are different than mine, that’s where I draw the line between right and wrong, good and evil.

When my sins are different than your sins, my sins are okay and your sins are not okay; they’re wrong, they are evil.

When my sins are different than your sins, I’m still a good person, and, well, you are not; you are a bad person, you are evil.

When my sins are different than your sins, God understands me, forgives me, and restores me to the place where I, truth be known, can comfortably sin again. But in your case, I just don’t see how God could forgive you.

There. That about sums it up. No need to read the Bible for God’s view on this matter, just take my word for it: I’m a better sinner than you.



About drjstewart

Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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