I Cannot Give That Which I Do Not Possess.


I cannot give that which I do not possess.

If I offered to give you $1 billion today and you knew what was in my bank account, you would know that you would not get the money. Why? I don’t have it to give.

I cannot give that which I do not possess.

The same is true in nature: its members cannot give that which they do not possess.

For example, a rock cannot share joy – there is none to share.

You may have joy in possessing the rock, but the rock cannot be joyful and share that emotion with you – it does not possess the capacity to have joy, and subsequently to be joyful.

It cannot give that which it does possess.

Let’s use our joyless rock for another example. It does not have life – it’s a non-living thing. Consequently, it cannot give life – something it does not possess.

Now, let’s move on to not just life but the very first life. From where did the very first life come?

It’s a safe bet that a non-life thing did not create the first life – it could not give (i.e., life) that which it does not possess.

We could say a living thing caused the first living thing, but that’s a bit of a troubled suggestion. There would be no living thing around to cause the first living thing because first implies no other before it.

So, in the absence of another living thing (again, that would be the condition if there is to be a first living thing) what living thing – it would have to be alive – caused the first living thing?

Ouch, that hurts to think in those terms.

To ease the pain, here’s an answer that is logical: a first, uncaused life is at the source of the first, caused life.

Some theologians understand this idea, and they know the first, uncaused life to be God.

It’s at least something to think about.



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