Can Competition Fix Education? No.

Texas public and private colleges have been in a competitive environment for decades. If competition fixed schooling, then, one might think, the Lone Star State’s colleges should be fixed.

Let’s look at graduation rates posted in an article by Jolyn Brand (April 12, 2015): Graduation Rates of Texas Colleges to see how fixed Texas colleges are in this one area.

The four year graduation rate at Texas’s public four-year colleges ranges from 52.5% (University of Texas at Austin) to 3.7% (University of Texas at Brownsville).

The four year graduation rate at Texas’s private four-year colleges ranges from 79.2% (Rice University) to 1.9% (Paul Quinn College).

What has competition done for the graduation rates of Texas’s colleges?

Please, this is not a writing to disparage the good people (faculty, staff, and students) at any Texas college. Instead, this writing questions the idea that competition can fix Texas K-12 Public Education, if its effect on the state’s colleges is in doubt.




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