Asking the age old question: Is an omelette an omelette without meats and/or vegetables?

Omelette.jpgMy wife and I went for a morning meal at a well known national chain restaurant with a reputation for serving breakfast all day.

At our table, with the menu in hand, and the waiter ready, I ordered an omelette.

I was extra hungry and I wanted to fill it up with all sorts of delicious add ons – at an extra cost per item – and not wanting to pay for duplicates I asked the waiter, “What ingredients come with the omelette?”

“None,” He responded. “The ingredients are add on’s.”

“So, if I order the omelette, it would be only eggs?” I asked.


Then I asked the age old question, “Is an omelette an omelette without meats and/or vegetables?”

Without hesitation, he answered politely, “Yes, sir.”

And I asked, “How is that so?”

His answer was polite and matter-of-fact, “Simple, it says so on the menu.”

I replied,”I’m not sure the menu is the arbiter of truth.”

He smiled and said,” Order the omelette and see what you get.”


I ordered the omelette … with add on’s.



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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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